Special Election for Section Secretary

A special election will be held to fill the position of Section E1 Secretary on Sunday, September 11, 2022, starting at 8:00pm ET via video conference call. Section E1 officers will serve through the 2023 Conclave, April 14-16 hosted by Jaccos Towne at Camp Kithawenund.

Those who wish to be nominated as a candidate for the open position of secretary must submit a Section C6A/E1 Officer Candidacy Form 2022 to the Section Adviser by 2:00pm ET on the day of the special election – Sunday, September 11.

Those interested in being a section officer should make themselves familiar with the Field Operations Guide, which is the publication that provides details on OA national and regional organization, section rules, section conclave guidelines, and section training. In particular, the FOG details the duties of the Section Chief, Section Vice Chief, and Section Secretary, and the method of elections as well as filling vacancies such as in this case.

The FOG states that vacancies will be filled by majority vote of the council of chiefs (one vote per lodge). Elected section officers and the immediate past section chief shall note vote. Deadlocks will be decided by the youth conducting the election, which will be Section E1 Chief Carter Stoner.

Additionally, the Order of the Arrow has a long-standing, unwritten expectation that those running for national or regional office do not actively campaign for those elected positions. Section E1 will have the same expectation of its officer candidates and lodges. Candidates for elected section officer positions as well as the lodges and lodge members of the Section will be asked to refrain from actively campaigning for any candidate. If anyone has questions on this or needs clarification or definition, please inquire to the Section Adviser.

Section Adviser Bryan Shaffer and Associate Section Adviser Michael Weber are available to schedule a meeting to discuss questions the candidate may have and the expectations of section leadership.

Section Officers will need to be available for the following meetings and trainings. All Section Officers are expected to attend and participate in all Council of Chiefs meetings (October 1-2; January 8; and March 5), the Eastern Region Section Officer Seminar (October 21-23), and the Section E1 Indiana Servant Leadership/ACT Conference (November 18-20).

If there are any questions, please email the Section Advisers at advisers@oasectionc6a.org.